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CASINOMONEY Advancing Cash to the Gaming floor - Casino ATMs

CASINOMONEY guarantees personal and payroll checks at your casino, eliminating the risk of bounced checks and providing your VIPs with per-check limits of up to $30,000.

CASINOMONEY casino check cashing services eliminates the risk of bounced checks and authorizes check payment with the largest and most reliable checkwriter database in the nation.

Before each check is authorized, CASINOMONEY searches the database, utilizes third-party risk analytics and returns an approval or decline code within seconds.  

CASINOMONEY Casino Check Guarantee gives you peace of mind and eliminates confrontation and guessing games when accepting checks from your  players.

CASINOMONEY provides innovative check cashing services which are specifically designed for the gaming industry. Our check cashing services have a long history of transaction processing, combined with modern check cashing technology and 24-hour customer support.